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Nov 12, 2010

Cahuenga Blvd.: Safest Big City Neighborhood in U.S.

cahuenga house

The Cahuenga Boulevard area of Studio City/North Hollywood was named the safest big city neighborhood in the United States this week. Research combining crime and neighborhood statistics on the personal finance blog WalletSpot found that Cahuenga Boulevard area residents have a 1 in 1,042 chance of being a victim of a crime in that neighborhood.
That makes it safer than 98% of all neighborhoods across the nation--from the smallest towns to the biggest cities.
"Los Angeles is full of great neighborhoods and some of the best neighborhoods are right here in District Four," Councilmember LaBonge said. "I'm proud of our neighborhoods and it's clear that efforts of my office, the LAPD and the Studio City and Hollywood Hills West neighborhood councils have maintained a stable, safe community for so many people."
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